PRESS & CLIPPINGS PRESS & CLIPPINGS fire in the belly article large article in the Sun Sentinel 31136113 City Link 31136112 New Times 31136114 Street Weekly 31136116 Spellbound Andrea Echevery of Muse produced South Florida's first theatrical tribal fusion belly dance performance, held at the Julius Littman Theater. Headlined by the Spark Tour, Urban Tribal and Ultra Gypsy. Introducing tribal fusion to local belly dancers and the general public while spawning the next generation of tribal fusion in S. FL. To this day we hear how much dancers were inspired by the show. 31136117 Food and Wine Festival SoBe Food and Wine 168401678 Auteur Explosion 168401679 Auteur Explosion 168401680 Auteur Explosion 2009 174874829 174874830 SunPost 2010 174874831 Wedding Style 2008 174874832 Zoo Miami 174874833 Zoo Miami 174874834